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Carpet Cleaning


Priced per room | 3 room minimum

Whether your carpet is plush or berber, a regular professional cleaning of what’s underfoot ensures that dust, allergens, and dirt deep-down in your carpet fibers are sucked out and eliminated. Stains are evaluated and pre-treated, high-traffic areas are scrubbed, a clear-water rinse eliminates residue, and a steam extraction system minimizes drying time. A professional carpet cleaning prolongs the life of your carpet, protects indoor air quality, makes it easier to maintain your carpet, removes tough stains, and improves the appearance of your home.


We recommend carpets be professionally cleaned at least once every 12 to 18 months.

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Pet Treatment, Pet Stains, Carpet Cleaning



Priced per area | minimums apply

We love our furry family members, but they can really damage our carpets and furniture with accidents. Pet urine in carpet not only leaves an unsightly stain and unpleasant odor, but it penetrates the fibers of the carpet and contaminates the carpet, the carpet backing, the padding and beyond. Our full service pet stain and odor removal treatment starts with finding the source of the problem using UV light inspection. Finding the source is necessary so that we can eliminate the source and not just mask the odor. Once identified, we have several treatment plans available from spot treatment to cleaning the entire room/area. 

We can help you get those odors eliminated and your carpets looking like new again!

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Upholstery Cleaning


Priced per piece | 3 piece minimum

Professional upholstery cleaning makes your furniture look better, last longer, and even improves indoor air quality. You may have a suede, leather, or cotton blend fabric on your furniture, but it all needs to be cleaned regularly. Attempting to eliminate stains on your own could make the problem(s) worse. Get a long-lasting deep clean with a professional-strength upholstery cleaning.


We recommend upholstery be professionally cleaned every 18 months.

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Pressure Washing


Priced per area and degree of buildup

Power Washing is an essential home and building maintenance item. Over time, building exteriors get dingy. Weather, dirt, bugs, trees, pollen, and more can contribute to the weathered look of a building and its surrounding area. Pressure washing may be all you need to brighten up your home or office and make it look brand new. This type of cleaning is great for siding, brick & mortar, stucco, decks, cement, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, gutter and more. We suggest an inspection of the area first, notifying you of any repairs that need to be done, gaps that need to be filled, joints that are damaged, surfaces that are chipped or cracked, or areas that are rusted.

We recommend a professional pressure washing once every 12 months.

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Tile Cleaning, Stone Cleaning


Priced per room | 3 room minimum

Tiled and stone floors and surfaces always look fantastic when they are first laid, but can get grubby over time. It can be tough finding an over the counter cleaner that is safe for the material and you. Not only is that discoloration ugly, but it can lead to damage in the walls and floors underneath. We will give you the  results you desire.

Rather than spend more hours of your valuable time scrubbing at stains and discoloration that simply won’t go away, we are the solution you need.


We recommend tile and stone be professionally cleaned  once every 12 months.

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Flood Removal and Restoration


Priced per size of home/area

Water damage can cause major problems to your home or business if not treated properly and urgently. We are educated to handle the dry-out and decontamination scenarios. Whether you have water dcamage in a small bathroom or a 3,000 sq. ft. office, we have the equipment and knowledge to quickly help you restore the affected area, all while minimizing the impact to you personal life or business operations.

A proper cleanup and dry-out following a water damage event generally involved containment of the affected area(s), controlling and monitoring temperature, humidity, moisture, and air movement.

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Service Area Carpet Cleaning
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